AOArea of Operation.
billetingLiving quarters.
C-squared or C²Command and Control. Here it refers to the LAV variant modified to accomodate the necessary equipment for a command and control vehicle.
MEFMarine Expeditionary Force (1MEF is 1st MEF).
EODExplosive Ordnance Disposal.
FOBForward Operating Base.
HeloSlang for 'helicopter.'
"High-speed, low-drag"Slang for weaponry, gear, and training optimized for high-intensity action.
IEDImprovised Explosive Device, aka 'roadside bomb.'
LARLight Armored Reconnaissance.
LAVLight Armored Vehicle.
LAV-25The standard LAV variant.
mujShort for 'mujahideen.'
POGPersonnel Other than Grunts. Derogatory term used by infantrymen for non-infantrymen.
P/XPost Exchange
RPKRussian light machine gun.
Service Record BookA file containing a military serviceman's records and data.